Choose Us

Choose Us

We know that you have many options when creating your early childhood plans for your family. So why chose us?

At The Family School – we support YOU! Here are just a few ways we partner with you to raise your young family:

Create customized schedules to meet your family’s needs

Enroll for more time throughout the school year as your needs change

Tailor your child’s individualized education plan to meet your child’s needs and your goals for him/her

Enjoy personalized care for you and your child

Partner with us to create the school program that fits your family’s growth

At The Family School – we grow healthy children! Family School kids are:

Caring, curious, eager, confident, independent, inquisitive, problem solvers, nature-music-art lovers, well rounded, funny, stable kids in a changing world, secure in themselves, positive people with life skills, possess a solid moral compass, empathetic, heuristic, and so much more!

Come visit us…

See Family School kids in action and our trademark family support!