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Established in 1980,

The Family Schools, Inc. comprises two divisions: school and camp. Together, FAMILY SCHOOL + SALT BOX SCHOOL along with BREWSTER DAY CAMP -- serves children ages six weeks through sixteen years on our four acre campus on Cape Cod. Our year round Family School educates children 6 weeks to age 4 and our Salt Box School instructs students ages 4-6. Our school is a nationally ranked early childhood program which specializes in partnering with families to create personalized educational experiences for each child. Brewster Day Camp in the summer months serves children ages 6-16. Our camp is a leader in the industry by designing creative, dynamic, social and emotional skills building programing. In all of our programs, we foster personal growth through our unique, intentional, age appropriate curricula designed by passionate educators with expertise in their field. We hope that you and your family will join us!

Here's How...

FAMILY SCHOOL for infant, toddler, preschool
SALT BOX SCHOOL for pre-kindergarten
PARTNERING WITH FAMILIES to create rich educational experiences
PERSONALIZED EDUCATION plans & customized schedules for all
NATURE-BASED creative learning outside & inside our classrooms
EXPERIENCED EDUCATORS intentionally design age appropriate curriculum
PHYSICAL SKILL BUILDING along with social, emotional & peer coaching
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    Address: 3570 Main Street Brewster, MA 02662
    Tel: 508-896-6555
    Email: info@thefamilyschools.com

    Brewster Day Camp
    Tel: 888-396-CAMP (2267)
    Email: info@brewsterdaycamp.com

    Contact Us Children Walking Holding Hands

    Thank you for welcoming our family to your school this and for making the transition a good one for us. We’re so pleased with the love and guidance that our son is receiving, and are amazed by the growth he’s shown in just a few months. The Family School is a wonderful place and we’re so happy that our son is here!

    Mom of a Son
    Mom of a SonMom of a Son

    Thanks so much for the love, care, and support of our entire clan, especially our most precious two. We honor you for all you do.

    Mom of Two Sons
    Mom of Two SonsMom of Two Sons

    Thank you for creating such a fabulous place for my children. I am filled with wonder and pride.

    Teacher Mom
    Teacher MomTeacher Mom

    My inquisitive daughters are bright, curious, engaging, learners, musicians, artists, and thinkers. Their five early years at The Family School has set each of them up for success in every area of their lives. They have made treasured friends that will last their lifetime. I am well beyond grateful.

    Dad of Two Daughters
    Dad of Two DaughtersDad of Two Daughters