“My three sons characteristics of leadership, humility, friendship, kindness, nurturing, and listening  were all honed at The Family School. I am eternally grateful that my boys have this foundation. They have a better chance of being compassionate leaders and better human beings because of their time spent on this sacred ground.”  – Mom of Three Sons

“Thanks so much for the love, care, and support of our entire clan, especially our most precious two. We honor you for all you do.” – Moms of Two Sons

“The difference in my son from the time he began at this school two years ago brings goose bumps to my arms. He is now masterful rather than shy, outspoken rather than quiet, and an eager participating learner.”  – Mom of a Son

‘We care for the parents as much as the children. Our adult to adult contact is critical to what we do here.”  – Toddler Teacher

“Teachers, parents, and children are all on the same team. We work together – and that’s key to who we are!” – Pre-School Teacher

“Through our direct teaching at every age level, we help children grow new brain cells by enticing their curiosity and problem solving skills every day.” – Our Founder

“We go beyond teaching simply math, science, or reading skills. We’re teaching children to be independent thinkers and do-ers!” – Pre-K Teacher

“We create a continuum of care from classroom to classroom, year to year providing a unified teaching style throughout our school.” – School Director

“We highlight the importance of play with fine and gross motor skills.” – Infant Teacher

“Each year, I read in the local newspapers the list of students who are on the honor roll at the high schools near us. I always see at least 10-12 Family School students on those lists and I feel so proud because we helped raise those kids!” – Assistant Teacher

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Thank you for welcoming our family to your school this and for making the transition a good one for us. We’re so pleased with the love and guidance that our son is receiving, and are amazed by the growth he’s shown in just a few months. The Family School is a wonderful place and we’re so happy that our son is here!

Mom of a Son
Mom of a SonMom of a Son

Thanks so much for the love, care, and support of our entire clan, especially our most precious two. We honor you for all you do.

Mom of Two Sons
Mom of Two SonsMom of Two Sons

Thank you for creating such a fabulous place for my children. I am filled with wonder and pride.

Teacher Mom
Teacher MomTeacher Mom

My inquisitive daughters are bright, curious, engaging, learners, musicians, artists, and thinkers. Their five early years at The Family School has set each of them up for success in every area of their lives. They have made treasured friends that will last their lifetime. I am well beyond grateful.

Dad of Two Daughters
Dad of Two DaughtersDad of Two Daughters