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Our Salt Box School comprises two groups: The Beacons is a group of students who attend school five days a week and The Navigators is a group consisting of students who attend school on varied days. The Beacons and the Navigators each form a cohesive learning group though they also work together on projects as larger group. In the Salt Box School, we encourage our students to become stable, kind, confident individual critical thinkers while we also help them to become part of our larger school community by learning to lead throughout the school year!

In the classroom, Salt Box students:
  • Actively engage in center-based, integrated learning designed by professional educators
  • Develop strong foundational reading skills and reading comprehension
  • Foster a love of the written word and an understanding of original stories
  • Explore numerical and arithmetic symbols, patterns, shapes and functions
  • Practice fine motor and handwriting skills, letter and symbol recognition
  • Improve their verbal communication skills along with their social and emotional skills
  • Discover scientific investigations, resources and geography to foster their connection to the earth and thier role in it
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Pre Kindergarten Program
Outside, Salt Box School students:
  • Hike one to two miles daily to help prepare their bodies for learning and concentration
  • Practice yoga and/or meditation to exercise their internal regulation and personal patience skills
  • Build physical stamina while sledding, skating, playing basketball, kickball, soccer, field games and more
  • Travel off campus in a yellow school bus to explore Cape Cod

In our Salt Box School, learning is always taking place at an age appropriate, integrated, challenging pace led by a professional team of educators.

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Thank you for welcoming our family to your school this and for making the transition a good one for us. We’re so pleased with the love and guidance that our son is receiving, and are amazed by the growth he’s shown in just a few months. The Family School is a wonderful place and we’re so happy that our son is here!

Mom of a Son
Mom of a SonMom of a Son

Thanks so much for the love, care, and support of our entire clan, especially our most precious two. We honor you for all you do.

Mom of Two Sons
Mom of Two SonsMom of Two Sons

Thank you for creating such a fabulous place for my children. I am filled with wonder and pride.

Teacher Mom
Teacher MomTeacher Mom

My inquisitive daughters are bright, curious, engaging, learners, musicians, artists, and thinkers. Their five early years at The Family School has set each of them up for success in every area of their lives. They have made treasured friends that will last their lifetime. I am well beyond grateful.

Dad of Two Daughters
Dad of Two DaughtersDad of Two Daughters